[PANN] BTS Jimin’s small actions that we barely notice

A fan talked about BTS Jimin and his variety of little actions that impressed the fans and netizens in general

“BTS Jimin is so small but that little one seems so restless sometimes ଘ(๑• ө•)۶ෆ

Jimin took the chopsticks and snapped them apart as well as turned them in the right direction while handing them to the other members
BTS Jimin's small actions that we barely notice
While pouring wine for his one-year-older hyung, Jimin did it with manner by lifting one hand up
Jimin prevented members from possible traffic accident
Worrying that the camraman can’t see anything behind, Jimin guided him to the side with his hand
Jimin held the door for the other members
Jimin raised a mattress with one hand for those who are afraid of lizards even though one of his hands was injured.
On a reality trip, Jimin took a memorable photo for the cameramen by himself
Jimin didn’t forget to greet the bodyguard
Jimin kindly guided the stranger and greeted him in the end

They’re just some small gestures but i’m so fluttered becausse of them ㅠㅠ”

[+947, -21] It’s not easy to do that all the time. That’s why all the staff around him praise him a lot.

[+879, -22] 5 out of 6 members except Jimin actualy selected Jimin as the member who they would like to introduce their younger sister to. Jimin is so kind and cool at the same time~

[+843, -23] He’s so sweet while putting the hat back onto the baby’s head ㅠㅠ 

[+307, -11] He is always thoughtful and friendly, and the members and fans loves this dummy so much ㅠㅠ . Our Jimin!You are really the best and I love you!

[+305, -634] But the whole group is not like this, right? ㅋㅋㅋ

[+199, -9] A person full of love!! I hope that you will always happy, our dear Jimin!

Source: Pann

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