[Pann] About Pentagon Hui’s girlfriend’s face …

Soojin of girl group (G)I-DLE has recenltly been known as Pentagon Hui’s girlfriend …

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To be honest, this seems to be a shame in some ways but the problem is …

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Even the photos above are carefully selected and calibrated before… Wow, will you allow a girl like this to be debuted as an idol these days? Everything is becoming easier nowadays

But honestly, I do not see any beauty in that face.

It is an ugly face of a middle school student in a typical class and I wonder how Cube made her debut. Perhaps she is the CEO’s nephew… Why does she not have anything special from head to toe?

No, the other members of the group Sunhwa, Shinhwa, and Minny all look like dolls from birth and now they are on the top of idols who have good appearance but Soojin really is …LOL, Hui seems to like this ugly style other than a pretty face…

But is it not true that Jeon So-yeon has become prettier until now? And there is no doubt that she may become even more and more beautiful in the future…

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By now, It looks like Hui has a unique face fetish at this point.

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She appears to look like Mamamoo’s Wheein but honestly wheein does not give everyone this weird feeling … Haizz Cube also has another name to be mentioned, Jeon So-yeon. Seriously, she really gets such a normal face that she can reach SNSD’s Hyo-yeon’s level…

Sources: Pann

  • [+262, -10] Honetly, I do not think she is not ugly because she is Hui’s girlfriend.
  • [+219, -6] She is really pretty on the stage. Let’s look at her talent instead of judging her appearance.
  • [+192, -10] She always shines on the stage. I think she and Hui is really for each other.
  • [+44, -32] Actually I think she is pretty.
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