BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” dance practice video hit a new milestone on Youtube, which amazed netizens!

    BLACKPINK’s records of hitting hundreds of millions of views on Youtube continue to be achieved not only in MVs but…

    What Lisa said when her achievements were compared with Jennie and Rose

    Lisa of BLACKPINK, Kpop’s representative girl group, has officially debuted as a solo artist. On the morning of September 10,…

    BLACKPINK Jennie attracted attention for releasing a dance cover video of Justin Bieber’s hit, but she had shyly to admit one thing

    Although Jennie has just learned the dance and hasn’t mastered it yet, she still uploaded the video and asked fans…

    Mina (AOA) shared that she had forgiven the bully Jimin after receiving an apology… in her dream

    Although feeling tired by Mina's negative actions, netizens still sympathize with her because of the mental issues she is going…

    Netizens wondered if BLACKPINK and TWICE could freely talk about their dating news like Red Velvet did

    These 3 groups are the top girl groups of KPOP’s 3rd generation but could TWICE and BLACKPINK hold comfortable conversations…


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      Do you know all facts about BLACKPINK Lisa?

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      Do you recognize Kpop idols through exaggerated details?

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