Overcoming thyroid cancer, Park So Dam receives malicious messages on the first day of the Lunar New Year

Actress Park So Dam firmly responded to the malicious Instagram DM (direct message) she recently received.

On January 22nd, Park So Dam posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “Hello. Thank you for visiting my Instagram from the beginning of the new year”.

The released photo contains a DM from A, who has sent malicious messages to Park So Dam several times since 2020. 

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In September 2020, A texted Park So Dam, saying “Ugly XXX. You must feel guilty that you get the female lead role with that face. Endure all the malicious comments. Does it feel good because XXX is the male lead? The world has become nicer”.

A few days later, A continued to target Park So Dam, saying “A female lead with such an ugly face. You only get that thanks to ‘Parasite’. That’s why you don’t know your title. Don’t you know what people are cursing at you on the Internet? Face it”.

A’s personal attack on Park So Dam didn’t stop there. Earlier today (January 22nd), the first day of the Lunar New Year, A sent Park So Dam a message, saying “Just die of cancer, you ugly. Why are you still acting?”.

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In response to the malicious messages, Park So Dam calmly said, “I’ll be more active in the future. I’ll save the original messages. Happy New Year! I want to live a long and healthy life”.

Seeing Park So Dam’s Instagram story, netizens commented, “I hope Park So Dam sue that person”, “How can you say such harsh things?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Artist Company reported that Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and had to undergo surgery in December 2021.

After overcoming cancer, Park So Dam returned to the entertainment industry in good health condition through the release of the movie “Phantom”.

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