“OST Queen” Gummy covers some hit songs, one of which is BTS’

In her new project called, “Gummy remake cover song,” popular singer Gummy has covered many hit songs such as “Breathe” (Lee Hi), “City of stars” (OST La La Land), “The Truth Untold” (BTS) and “You, clouds, rain” (Heize).

Gummy is known as Korea’s “OST Queen” with a fortune of numerous OST hits, which tops many music charts. Recently, the singer has launched a new project called “Gummy remake cover song” on her own Youtube. With this project, Gummy will make Ballad cover versions of popular songs.

The first cover MV consists of 5 songs: “Breathe” (Lee Hi), “City of stars” (OST La La Land), “The Truth Untold” (BTS) and “You, clouds, rain” (Heize).

“Breathe”, “City of stars” or “The Truth Untold” and “You, Clouds, Rain” are the hits that were sung by popular singers. Those songs require a precise singing technique and a professional attitude to perform them. However, with powerful vocals and seasoned experience in singing ballads, Gummy has performed those 5 songs with emotion and touched the listeners’ heart.

In addition, ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) also showered her with compliments and appreciated that she has given a beautiful female version of “The Truth Untold”, which is a song from BTS’s “Love Yourself: Tear” album.

Sources: k14

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