Only let Jennie stand out and ignored Lisa, a cosmetic brand is boycotted by BLACKPINK fans

The more popular they are, the more frequently Black Pink becomes the name that many brands favor and show their interest in. But recently the brand Mise en scène has been the focus of criticism of Blinks because they have shown “too much love” for Jennie and treated Lisa unfairly.

 Specifically, despite signing advertising contracts with all 4 pieces of BLACK PINK, in the recent set of photos that Mise en scène collaborated with Naver, the company intentionally let Jennie stand out the most while excluding Lisa.

Not stopping there, Mise en scène used Lisa’s image to promote Tmall event in China. But some discovered that when they saw the product at the supermarket, it was still Jennie’s photo, not Lisa’s.

For these reasons, many Blink have accused Mise en scène of deliberately ignoring Lisa, not posting her photos when promoting in Korea;  In China, the brand intentionally takes advantage of Lisa’s rising popularity in the billion-populated nation to sell products with Jennie’s picture.

Currently, this incident is gaining attention of many Kpop fans, to avoid the controversy to become more noisy, Mise en scène has quickly changed the photos on Naver (Korea) to those including Lisa. Although they quickly fixed the situation, on Instagram of Mise en scène, the brand is still receiving countless criticisms from Blinks, many fans even call for a boycott of Mise en scene products because the brand had discriminated against Lisa.

 Under Mise en scène’s latest post, there are many comments that criticize the injustice of the brand: Add Lisa, Black Pink has 4 members, not just Jennie / Lisa is part of Black Pink / where is Lisa?  / No Lisa no money / I won’t buy from this brand until Lisa is treated fairly …

Many also expressed that they would turn to other brands Lisa represents and boycott Mise en scène.

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