Only Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s visual in Korean showbiz can still slay this disaster outfit

The hottest female idol right now is none other than Jennie (BLACKPINK).  She attracts fans because of her unique visual, personality and cuteness. 

Especially according to experts, Jennie is always one of the most “unique” beauty symbols in Kpop, possessing the non-standard features such as dumpling cheeks, not too high nose bridge, her eyes are slightly slanted but still pretty, she can nail all concepts.

 Indeed, no concept can be a challenge for Jennie, no matter how weird. Recently, Jennie’s series of photos in BLACKPINK Season Greetings have made fans excited because the female idol is so beautiful and attractive, slaying the messy outfit though it would be a disaster if it was another idol and the uncommon hairstyle that she has promoted herself for a long time. Not only did she still stand out, Jennie proves her luxurious aura despite the styling.

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