Only fans of BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Jennie get into a fight due to the difference in the girls’ schedules

A “war” between BLACKPINK’s members’ fandoms erupted on Twitter again, with Jennie’s fans asking Lisa’s fans to apologize to Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s fandom has always been known as the most divided community in Kpop, because the number of individual fans and akgae even outnumbers the group’s fan (OT4). Recently, another fanwar within the fandom erupted again, causing fierce controversy on Twitter.

Everything started after Jennie headed to the US on October 26. While Jennie comfortably enjoyed her time in Los Angeles with her friends, many malicious comments targeting her started to surface on social media. The rude remarks aimed at Jennie mostly come from akgaes of Lisa, who claim that while Jennie is constantly allowed to travel abroad to have fun, Lisa is discriminated against by YG and doesn’t have new individual activities. 

Lisa and Jennie fanwars
Jennie’s activities in the US annoyed many akgaes of Lisa’s 

Akgaes of Lisa accused YG of being biased towards Jennie, giving her many “privileges”, while restricting Lisa’s solo activities. Earlier in October, the controversy over Lisa being “unfairly treated” broke out with millions of tweets, after YG did not let Lisa attend events she was invited to during her time in France. The pent-up anger all this time of Lisa’s akgaes have now been poured onto… Jennie.  

Lisa and Jennie fanwars
Last week, Lisa’s fans continued to “call out” YG on not allowing her to go to the US
Lisa and Jennie fanwars
Lisa’s individual fans were upset when the female idol could not promote overseas 
Lisa and Jennie fanwars
Lisa’s akgaes disrespect Jennie with many hateful words

However, contrary to the speculations of Lisa fans, she unexpectedly headed to the US last weekend. Her appearance in LA was a total surprise to fans because her schedules are kept secret. There was not a single photo of her at the airport. Lisa went to the HITC music festival to support her friend NIKI, and even met DJ Snake at the studio.

While Lisa’s fans were happy when their bias had overseas schedules, Jennie’s fans started trending a series of hashtags including #RespectAndApologizeToJennie, #StopSpeakingOnJennie on Twitter. On November 9, a chaos broke out on Twitter. Jennie fans asked Lisa fans to apologize to Jennie for the malicious comments and false rumors targeting Jennie. According to Jennie’s fans, the fact that Lisa went to the US was like a “slap” to Lisa’s akgaes – who always victimize Lisa, claiming that Lisa is “mistreated” and “ignored by YG”.

Lisa and Jennie fanwars
The hashtag #RespectAndApologizeToJennie entered the top trending of Twitter on November 9 

In response to this hashtag of Jennie’s fans, a part of Lisa’s individual fans still believe that the fact that Lisa is allowed to go to the US does not mean that she is not being treated unfairly. Earlier, a lot of Lisa’s schedules were called off because YG limited her activities.

During Lisa’s solo debut in September, fans also criticized YG for not promoting her properly. Recently, the b-side track “MONEY” has continuously achieved great results, but YG has barely made any move to let Lisa have more promotions, causing outrage among Lisa’s fans.

Lisa and Jennie fanwars
The two BLACKPINK members are close friends, but Lisa’s akgaes always hold grudges against Jennie
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