Ong Seongwoo & Hwang Min Hyun’s Wealthy Face Decoding

Primus website is a video channel to read face decoding of celebrities. Last week, Kang Diel and Park Ji Hoon were on the list. This week will be Ong Seong Wu and Hwang Min Huyn’s turn.

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According to the advice of Dr. Jo Gyu Moon – the master of reading celebrity’s face decoding, Ong Seong Wu – a member of Wanna One –owns not only horizontally long but also sharp-looking eyes which attracts every woman’s attention. Moreover, his eyebrows and eyes make an 45-degree angle. His nose is right in the center, which means that he will have a lot of property. The thin lips pointing upwards shows that he always puts all of his efforts and strong will in everything he does, which is same as some CEOs in K-biz such as Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Seok, Park Jin Young. This may approve that he is the one who will make the Ong’s Generation proud in the future.
wanna one, hwang minhyun, ong seongwoo,

Furthermore, a small face with a full jaw-bone and blissful chin are also his strengths in the idol world. Base on those points, it is obvious that he will be very famous when he is young and will be very rich when he is older than 50. His strong-looking eyes which looks like a wolf’s are the trap that makes everyone fall in when looking at him.

Another member of the group is Hwang Min Hyun, who has well-proportioned and safe-looking eyes. His slightly slanting canthus creates a strong attraction. Moreover, his eyes separates between black and white, which means that he will be very successful in doing business related to his specialty.

Especially, his destiny of love is very positive. He will have a happy family which will make everyone jealous like other famous couples such as Sean & Jung Hye Young, Goo Hye Sun & Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Sang Sun & Lee Hyo Ri, Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo.
wanna one, hwang minhyun, ong seongwoo,
That the sharp-looking eyes can look through other people is the reason why his nickname is Hwang Emperor. Last but not least, the bridge of his nose is a bit bent, which approves that he will own a lot of property yet will have difficulties in keeping them. Therefore, he needs to control his expense and spend money wisely.

Sources: ports.hankooki , youtube

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