One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy: ‘Female idols like Jang Wonyoung will be criticized if they do like that’

One of SEVENTEEN’s lovely moments sparked a debate about the double standards for Kpop female idols.

Recently, a lovely and humorous moment between the two SEVENTEEN members has become a hot topic on Korean online forums, but for a reason that nobody expected.  The reason is that it makes many Korean netizens think about the relationship between Kpop idols, and do they always see idols according to a ‘double standard’?  Especially from this photo, many people think about the times when female idols such as Jennie (BLACKPINK), Nayeon (TWICE), or Jang Wonyoung (IZ * ONE) were criticized unreasonably.

One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy

Specifically, the GIF being shared is of two members Mingyu and DK (SEVENTEEN).  During a Vlive broadcast, the two sat next to each other and started interacting, joking with each other.  When Mingyu tilted his head towards DK, DK joked by rolling his eyes, showing annoyance, and then leaning away from Mingyu.

One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy

Even though it’s just a GIF, no one says that DK is having a ‘bad attitude’ towards Mingyu.  Even after the broadcast, both members took a very cute selca together.  Many people laughed and praised the close friendship between SEVENTEEN members, especially Mingyu and DK.

One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy

However, some netizens have now posed the question, “What if it was a girl group?”. Accordingly, many people said that there are also many times when female idols accidentally often have expressions like angry, or stare at each other and in the end, they are criticized as having ‘bad personalities’.

In the comment section, many people also mentioned that in the early debut stage, Jang Wonyoung (IZ * ONE) was often criticized.  The female idols was often said to have a ‘bad personality’ just because of her unpleasant expressions when standing with other members.  Many netizens emphasized: ‘If Kpop female idols like Jang Wonyoung do like DK (SEVENTEEN), they will be criticized’. To explain further, a popular type of online community post constantly terrorizing female idols is the common, often malicious accusation, “What’s wrong with her expression?”

One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy
One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy
One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy

Obviously, the way that Knet deals with male and female idols is still the ‘double standard’.  If male idols do that, it will only be seen as joking.  Meanwhile, female idols will definitely cause great controversy

Regarding the question, many netizens weighed in with:

  • “I mean Jang Won Young has been getting hate for 3 years for one bad face she made when she was like 16 so…”
  • “The example of Seventeen might not necessarily get the point across that well here, but regardless, it’s 100% true that when a female idol does something, they instantly get attacked with hate, people calling them bullies, spreading team issue rumors…”
  • “Honestly, Seventeen has nothing to do with this so did you guys have to drag them into it…”
  • “I agree that if it had been the same situation with two girl group members, it would not have ended well.”
  • “Recently, people changed their attack target from Jang Wonyoung to aespa.”
  • “Young idols are often the victims of being scolded for their personality.”
One moment of SEVENTEEN sparked controversy

Sources: tinnhac

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