One look from Song Hye Kyo on the stage of “SBS Drama Awards 2003” draws attention 

Old photos from Song Hye Kyo took over the Internet, one action drew particular attention. 

On March 28th, old photos of Song Hye Kyo at the “SBS Drama Awards 2003” where the actress received two major awards resurfaced on Twitter and Pann. Appearing at the event, the actress boasted an innocent and sweet beauty that captivated attention. 

During the award presentation for the “Top 10 Stars,” three names were listed, including the actress herself, Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Hee Ae. When the presenter, Song Yoon Ah, announced the rest for the award, viewers noticed that even Song Hye Kyo tried to take a peek at the paper on Yoon Ah’s as if out of curiosity, drawing laughter.  

Song Hye Kyo boasted her beauty on the stage of “SBS Drama Awards 2003” 
Fans were in awe of the actress’ bright and sweet smile 
Song Hye Kyo took a peek at the paper on Song Yoon Ah’s hand when she was making the announcement 
Song Hye Kyo’s overall image at the award quickly captured attention. Her charisma and beauty stood out despite the low-quality clip

Source: K14

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