Once criticized for their weak choreography, TWICE has “level up” their powerful, synchronized dance

Recent choreographies of TWICE satisfied fans.

“Dance The Night Away” is released by TWICE in summer 2018. Even though it has been a while since its release, this track is being shared again by netizens, especially screencaps from the dance practice of this song.

When K-Pop fans look closely at the photos, the synchronization of TWICE is what surprised them the most. Even though this is just a dance practice video, all the members still dance with full power to be able to bring the most perfect video to the audience. TWICE’s hardworking brought forward a perfectly synchronized performance which receives countless compliments from netizens. “The way their dance moves fit perfectly together satisfied me somehow”, “I’m not a fan of TWICE but these photos make me feel content”, they said.

Capscreens from “Dance The Night Away” dance practice video gave TWICE many compliments from the netizens.
“Dance The Night Away” dance practice – TWICE

Besides, thanks to “Dance The Night Away”, many confirm that other TWICE’s choreography are not as easy as it seem. Their dance of other hits from before might be weak, but since “Dance The Night Away” was released, TWICE’s choreographies are upgraded to another level with stronger and faster moves which require higher concentration.
Some comments said: “I hope those who had said TWICE’s dance is easy would see these photos. Their dances are full of movement, there is nowhere to rest…I don’t know how could this be called easy and weak”, “This choreography is extremely tiring, and they are still able to do it in sync”.

Aside from national hits, TWICE makes their fans proud by upgrading their skill noticably day by day.

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