Once criticized as the useless member, the Red Velvet’s youngest will be the first one to have a solo release

Surprisingly, Yeri will be the first member of Red Velvet to release a solo track.

Yeri – Red Velvet’s youngest member – is a member who was added into Red Velvet. When netizens had already been familiar with the 4-member arrange, the fact that they added Yeri as a new member once infuriated fans to such an extent hat Yeri was criticized and boycotted. After countless of nonstop practice and getting better after each comeback, Yeri has always been trying to prove herself despite all the controversial wars inside the fandom. Finally, after 4 years, Yeri is now the first member of Red Velvet to release a solo track.

Yeri will release a solo track in the upcoming March.

Specifically, on Feb 27th, at a fanmeeting, the youngest of Red Velvet has revealed that she had finished the filming for “To Twenty”. This is a self-composed song by Yeri which was revealed last year. According to the source, “To Twenty” is a soft ballad with slow and emotional melody. The MV for this song will be released right on Yeri’s birthday, March 5th. Til now, Yeri is the only member of Red Velvet to be able to do this which is seen as a new step for her to erase all the stereotypes netizens have given her ever since her debut ‘til now.

Getting better after each comeback, Yeri is slowly proving her talent, erase all the stereotypes of her being useless which was spreaded from the time of her debut.