Once being compared to V and Baekhyun, the male idol makes Knet regret that his career was ruined by the company

This male idol once attracted attention because of his looks like V and Baekhyun, unfortunately, due to the management company, his career declined.

B.A.P is the most regretful case in Kpop.  When they first debuted, they resonated with their strong music, winning 4 Rookie awards of the year, and were considered as a competitor on par with EXO.  But because of TS Entertainment’s poor management, B.A.P’s career gradually declined.  One of the members who are the most saddened Korean resident is Daehyun, he has all the elements to be famous but now has not achieved significant achievements

Daehyun was born in 1993, he is the main vocalist and the representative face of B.A.P.  The male idol not only impresses him with a handsome visual, tall body, but for a long time he has also been compared to V (BTS) and Baekhyun (EXO) because of similar facial features.  BTS’s visuals once revealed that their fans named Daehyun the father, Baekhyun the mother, and V the son of the two.  This shows that there were times when the 3 guys were like triplets.

In addition to his impressive appearance, Daehyun is also appreciated for his powerful voice.  Before officially debuting solo, B.A.P’s main vocal had the opportunity to show off his voice through the song “ Shadow ” in the project album Party Baby in 2017.

Although Daehyun has potential, because of their management company, Daehyun and B.A.P cannot stand out from the male groups of the same generation.  In 2014, the group suddenly sued TS Entertainment.  They requested to invalidate the contract with TS because they were treated unfairly and exploited but only received 1% of the profit.

After 1 year of litigation, after reaching an agreement, B.A.P agreed to return to the company.  But because of being absent for so long, the group was surpassed by many competitors at the same time, not making a successful comeback as expected.  B.A.P’s later songs were also not invested in promoting, moreover, the 6 boys had to continuously hold overseas tours, so their reputation in Korea also decreased

In B.A.P, Daehyun was also not a member invested by the company, he also had no personal activities, so the name of the male idol gradually becomes fading.  From 2017, he started to enter the musical sector, after being selected in the musical Napoleon taking place in the same year.

In 2019, the contract between Daehyun and TS Entertainment ended, he decided to leave and become a solo artist.  Although Daehyun worked hard, his reputation was not enough to get his attention, it was difficult to compete with trendy idols.  Currently, the male idol is performing his military service, temporarily suspending his career.

Daehyun has looks and talent but is unlucky, making Korean netizens regret.  Many people believe that TS Entertainment – B.A.P’s former agency is the cause of Daehyun’s career ruined.  The male idol and his teammates would have become more popular if they chose the right company.

1. [+48, -1] But this group’s company was too trash… seriously, they would’ve hit daebak if they met the right company

2. [+33,-1] He was seriously good at singing.

3. [+30, 0] Jung Daehyunㅠㅠㅠㅠ my bias ㅠㅠ He’s in the army now no?ㅠ I hope that Daehyun would do like Youngjae and act on public TV. He’s so handsome ㅠ

4. [+23, 0]  All of BAP are pitiful.. they were all so talented, never had any scandals, and were warm ㅠㅠ they also had a lot of good songs

5. [+6, 0] More than feeling sorry, I feel like they were wasted

Sources: pannchoa

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