Once again, Apink’s Naeun was criticized by K-netizens for an unfaithfulness talk

This is not the first time Apink’s visual was criticized on a few recent weeks
Naeun (Apink) has became the center of the attention on their lastest comeback because of her plastic surgery rumor. Eversince she showed up with a stiff face, she was criticized by netizens as the failure of plastic surgery. After that, Naeun continued to receive criticism everytime show showed up on variety program or said anything.
Once again, Apink’s Naeun was criticized by K-netizens for an unfaithfulness talk
It does not stop at that, K-netizens continues to get angry with the latest talk of Apink’s members on variety show recently. Naeun has shown her worry about her condition, saying that she ate well but her weight kept going down and her waist was getting smaller. Netizens said immediately that she has given a lie in front of millions of viewers. Not to mention that other members said that Naeun did not anything while tighten her weight. Because of that, lot of netizens went angry with the lie complaint of the idol.
– She said “I eat well but my waist size keeps shrinking” and the members attacked her with the facts saying that they rarely see her eat when she’s trying to manage her weight ㅋㅋ
– She’s not picky but I bet she also doesn’t eat either
– I think she’s great at managing herself. She hasn’t even gotten into a dating scandal yet, right?
– Can she please stop talking fake like she has no idea why her waist keeps shrinking? Why can’t she just be up front and say she takes care of herself? That’s a lot cooler
– Just be honest like Bomi and say that you starve yourself to stay skinny, why can’t she be more honest?
– I’d understand if she really kept losing weight no matter how much she ate but the members said that she barely eats at all. Eat, your problem will be solved.
– It shrinks because you don’t eat. Try eating and see what happens… Obviously you manage yourself strictly to maintain your weight…
– There’s no point in arguing with people like her, they’ll believe what they want ㅋㅋㅋ
Sources: netizenbuzz, tinnhac

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