Old videos of Na Yeon and BTS Ji Min were dug up when ‘What is Love’ suddenly goes viral again

Twice’s 2018 hit ‘What Is Love?’ has been making the rounds recently. In many regions, the song has quickly risen in popularity on iTunes. Why did the song resurface as a viral hit? The cause is claimed to have stemmed from a wedding dance performed by a young couple from the Philippines. The video became viral in several Southeast Asian countries, reintroducing the song to a wider audience. What exactly is love? is also popular on TikTok these days. 

Twice fans expressed their excitement when What is Love?  suddenly went viral again, “turning upstream” on the charts.  In 2018, it was one of the most popular songs in Kpop.  The song won the Daesang “Song of the Year” award at MAMA.  Even so, fans never thought it could go viral again after more than 3 years.

Old videos of Na Yeon and BTS Ji Min was dug up when 'What is Love' suddenly goes viral again
Twice’s old song is chasing BTS’s new hit on the iTunes chart.
Keywords related to What is Love? are very hot on TikTok.
This song went up to 585 places to rank 24th in TikTok’s top trending songs.

What is Love’s impressive comeback brought many old fancams of Twice to increase their views rapidly.  Among them, an old video of Na Yeon (Twice) is causing a “storm” again on Twitter.  This is the video at the fansign on April 28, 2018, during the What is Love promotion of the JYP girl group.  The video received over a million views in just a few days. 

Na Yeon attracts the attention of non-fans thanks to her lovely look when wearing a rabbit-eared hat and her bunny-eared movements to the rhythm of the song. This is a “legendary” fansign of Na Yeon because she initiated the trend of wearing rabbit hats in the Kpop world. However, it was only recently that this fancam started going viral on the internet.

There is a fancam of Ji Min (BTS) that has been shared continuously in recent days, reaching 1.2 million views and thousands of retweets. This video captures the scene where Ji Min shouts “Twice, Twice” when the MC is about to announce the “Song of the Year” award at MAMA 2018. It shows Ji Min’s love for What is Love? and he also correctly predicted the award owner.

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