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Oh My Girl Arin perfectly recreates Suzy’s legendary concept, earning the admiration of netizens

Arin (Oh My Girl) attracts attention with her latest set of photos

On July 27, Oh My Girl’s youngest member, Arin, appeared in a new set of photos on 1st Look magazine. This is a special set of photos taken on the occasion of the magazine’s 10th anniversary. In it, Arin wears a traditional hanbok, recreating the “legendary” concept that Suzy performed on the 1st Look issue in 2015.

Arin drew attention instantly with a series of gorgeous and sophisticated images. In elegant hanboks, the female idol is commended for having a pure face, innocent eyes, and soft temperament. Arin, who is a big Suzy fan, stated in an interview with 1st Look, “I’m glad I was able to duplicate her photo set because it’s gorgeous. But, because Suzy sunbaenim is so incredible, I felt a little bit pressured. However, I believe I have given this concept a new colour.”

Many others believe, however, that Arin has fallen short of Suzy’s level when it comes to portraying the same photo concept. Arin was called “the new generation Suzy” because of her pure aura and attractiveness, which was reminiscent of the “nation’s first love.” Arin, on the other hand, was unable to recreate Miss A member’s genuine charisma when duplicating her hanbok concept. Arin also received criticisms for her stiff expression, lack of diversity, and inability to portray the internal story through her eyes.

Suzy garnered many compliments earlier in 2015 as a result of her angelic pure aura in the photographs on 1st Look. Suzy’s silk hanbok was also intricately crafted with graceful lines and designs from the collar to the sleeves, adding to the photo set’s opulent and noble feel. Suzy has a series of images that are considered legends thanks to her soulful eyes and relaxed, natural, and graceful stances.

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