Official platinum certifications from Gaon: BTS, EXO, Twice and many other top idols’s names are called

With the double platinum achievement of their latest album, EXO continues to affirm their strength in album sales.

On March 7, BXH Gaon officially announced the list of the latest platinum certified products. Under the new rules of the Korea Music Content Industry Association, albums whose sales exceeding 250,000 will be platinum-certified. If the sales reach 500,000 copies, the album is entitled to a double platinum certificate. And the list of outstanding Kpop albums that has just obtained platinum and double platinum certification has been officially revealed.

Living up to the title “album king”, EXO’s latest album “Love Shot” continues to help the group maintain their top position. Although it was only released for nearly three months, EXO’s “Love Shot” quickly reached 500,000 copies in sales, earning EXO the double platinum certificate from Gaon.

EXO’s “Love Shot” received double platinum certification after nearly three months of its release

In addition, two albums “Square Up” of BlackPink and “You Made My Dawn” of SEVENTEEN also excellently received platinum certificates with 250,000 copies sold.

“Square Up” (Black Pink)…
… and “You Made My Dawn” (SEVENTEEN) received platinum certificates with 250,000 copies sold.

Besides the album category, Gaon also announced platinum certifications for streaming and downloading music. Specifically, “Fake Love” (BTS), “Dance The Night Away” (TWICE), and “Love, ing” (Ben) earned the platinum streaming certification. “Only Then” (Roy Kim), “Every Day, Every Moment” (Roy Kim) earned platinum certification for downloads.

“Fake Love” (BTS)…
twice, dance the night away, billboard
And “Dance The Night Away” (TWICE) are streamed over 100 million times, receiving platinum certification
Roy Kim excelled with two hits received platinum certification for music downloads

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