Of all the idols defying the agency, only the princess is forgiven

These idols are all well-known for being opposed to the company’s harsh regulations and only do what they want to do. Some of them are severely punished, but some are still the ones that are favoured by the company.

To work in the harsh environment of the Korean entertainment industry, the idols must remember and strictly comply with the harsh regulations of the company. However, the following idols ignore and even oppose to the company’s rules; let’s see how they have been treated after doing that?

HyunA, E’Dawn

In last August, the former member of 4Minutes was leaked evidence showing that she was dating a junior in the company. Although CUBE had denied it to appease the public, the two still surprised netizens by announcing their two-year romance relationship.

Of all the idols defying the agency, only the princess is forgiven
Of all the idols defying the agency, only the princess is forgiven

Following the action of the couple was a series of Triple H’s frozen schedules, and E’Dawn’s temporary withdrawal from PENTAGON. Recently, although Cube has not made their official announcement yet, the two artists are expected to be kicked out of the management company.


After the rumors over dating a 14-year-older senior, when returning to F(x) with “Red Light” album, Sulli was constantly bashed for her lack of enthusiasm on stage. Disjointed choreography, boring faces, or even not bowing to the audience, these thoughtless actions caused Sulli to be turned back on by her fans and forced to leave the group. However, instead of changing behaviours, Sulli still showed that she absolutely wanted to let go of her career as well as immersed herself in love and parties all night long.

After that, Sulli has been seen as a criminal with a series of shocking images showing her self-indulgent lifestyle. Despite living in a rebellious way, SM not only did not abandon Sulli, but also kept favouring her when promoting her individual activities. Recently, she has officially became CEO for a brand managed by SM.


In 2016, BEAST’s fan community was shocked by a series of evidence showing that Hyunseung had negative attitude in the group activities. With huge achievement with the unit group Trouble Maker plus the unexpected family event, the male idol seemed to lose his spirit in BEAST’s activities. Not only did he get tired on stage, the male singer also disappeared in fan meetings, and was caught dating a young girl at the same time.

Hyunseung had always been gloomy when working with BEAST, but the company did not punish him, and only apologized to the public.

To appease the public, CUBE immediately apologized and announced that Hyunseung had left BEAST. People thought that Hyunseung would leave CUBE after breaking up with BEAST, however, the singer continued to sign a new contract, and become the solo singer while the remaining members left the company, and operated under the new name of HIGHLIGHT. It can be said that after a series of scandals, Hyunseung is still kept by CUBE in order to bring “BEAST new version” back.


In June 2017, AOA’s main vocalist, ChoA, announced her withdrawal from the group, which shocked many fans. However, contrary to ChoA’s claim, in all seriousness, the management company FNC still denied the departure of the singer. Before leaving the group, ChoA was also blamed for abandoning her group because of love. There was also evidence that she often disappeared in AOA’s schedule.

However, FNC did not give any further information about this, which made many fans confused. Despite ChoA had denied the rumour, she still received criticism from netizens. Many people think she left the group because she was pregnant with the CEO boyfriend. It is reported that her dating with this businessman was the cause of the conflict between ChoA and the new management company, leading to her decision to leave the group.

The lead vocalist of the AOA decided to leave the group, in addition to the denial of FNC.
Many people think that the reason ChoA decided to leave the group involved the conflict between her and the management company.

After leaving the group, ChoA almost disappeared from the entertainment industry. It is not known that in the future, she will continue the career of a celebrity or not, but due to the conflict with the old company, it is hard for her to return as famous as before.

It can be seen that Sulli is still the most fortunate one to live a rebellious life, but still be favored by SM. However, most of those who dare to screw over their companies seem to be not able to escape the consequences afterwards.

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