NU’EST W Kim Jonghyun ‘End of Innocence’, Returns with an Overflowing ‘Fatal Beauty’ Concept

NU’EST W’s Kim Jonghyun, who actively took part in MNET’s ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, returns with a shocking image.

On the 7th, NU’EST W released a music video teaser for their new song ‘Where You At’ through their official homepage. After the comeback news, the main character of the first uploaded teaser video was NU’EST W’s leader Kim Jonghyun (JR). Kim Jonghyun lies on a white bed with purple and black lighting, staring at the camera with a killing gaze.

Here, Kim Jonghyun rushes urgently to go somewhere as if there’s a place he has to go.
The fast tempo sound of the new song and the dramatic atmosphere of the music video teaser go well together and overwhelm fans’ senses. Kim Jonghyun’s extreme image transformation that can be called an ‘end of innocence’ captures the eye. Fans expressed their surprise and showed interest in the return of Jonghyun’s image through this overwhelming ‘fatale beauty’ concept.

Meanwhile, NU’EST W is coming back with new album `W,HERE’ on the 10th at 6 PM. Teaser videos for the other members are also scheduled to be released in sequence before the 10th

Translation by desertfoxhmh of @ForNuest0315
Source: insight

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