NOZE (Street Woman Fighter) asked fans to stop coming to the dance academies to meet her

Dancer NOZE posted a notice to caution fans who flocked to see her at the dance academy.

On September 11, NOZE visited a dance studio in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, to attend a one-day class. However, a video was posted on the Internet showing NOZE was surrounded by a large crowd of fans who came to see her but didn’t keep their distance. As the video was spread on many online sites, netizens expressed their disapproval of how her fans ignored the social-distancing regulations.

On September 12, NOZE posted a notice on her Instagram:

“Thank you so much to people who came yesterday.

However, for safety reasons and to follow the guidelines, I hope you would refrain from coming to the classes at academies.

Not only me, but there are other instructors and students at the academy, so I hope you will understand the situation.

I was touched by your love and wondered if I could receive all those letters and gifts. However, rather than buying gifts for me, please spend the money on buying delicious food for yourself.

Thank you, and I’m grateful to have your support.

I was so happy to the point that I think these words are not enough to express my feelings.”NOZE, the leader of the dance crew WAY B, has gained huge popularity after she appeared on Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”.

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