“Now, We Are Breaking Up”: posters revealed, hinting at Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong’s chemistry

The special melodrama starring Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-yong is about to begin.

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama Now, We Are Breaking Up (written by Ja-in/ directed by Lee Gil-bok) will premier on November 12th. “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a sweet, salty, sour, and bitter breakup story in which breakup is written as “goodbye” but read as “love”. This will be the only melodrama that brings deep emotions to the small screen viewers this autumn. Therefore, the film is attracting great attention even before its broadcast.

Now We Are Breaking Up

Recently, 3 teaser posters for “Now, We Are Breaking Up” were released on October 18th. The first thing that caught the viewers’ eyes is the heart-fluttering melodramatic chemistry of the two main characters, Ha Young-eun (Song Hye-kyo) and Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong). The posters also show the process of love in reverse order to maximize the happiness of love and express the charm of this “Now, We Are Breaking Up” melodrama.

The first teaser poster gives the vibe of a “breakup”. Someone is burning Song Hye-kyo‘s black-and-white photo. The couple rings are also placed next to it. All the details are images that remind people of a “goodbye”. However, the phrase printed on the poster saying, “Our love is in progress”. Through the message, it can be assumed that the breakup in “Now, We Are Breaking Up” may not simply mean a “goodbye” but can be a “process of love”.

Now We Are Breaking Up

The second teaser poster implies “memories that have been piling up”. The poster contains a picture of the couple (Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-young). The way they smile brightly while holding hands tightly lets us feel the two’s affection for each other. Every moment with our beloved one will become a memory, and that’s enough to feel happy. The two’s smiles have raised fans’ expectations to see how they will build their beautiful memories of love in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”.

The last teaser poster shows an exciting “start of love”. In this poster, Jang Ki-yong‘s character is taking pictures of his lover Song Hye-kyo‘s. We can feel the excitement of Jang Ki-yong and how his heart is being fluttered by the shyness in Song Hye-kyo’s eyes in front of the camera. This scene makes the viewers become more curious about the start of this lovely couple.

Now We Are Breaking Up

Above all, the unique concept of these posters is really impressive. Usually, the love process begins with ‘start of love’, then ‘building memories’ and ends with breaking up’. However, the posters of this “Now, We Are Breaking Up” drama, whose title seems to mean a ‘goodbye’, were released in reverse order. In this way, the posters have emphasized the happiness of love moments even more. This showed the beauty of a love process, not an end of love.

Moreover, the harmony of Song Hye-kyo and Jang Ki-young has also increased the excitement of fans. Everyone is looking forward to the first episode of the special melodrama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a collaboration between screenwriter Je-in (“Misty”) and director Lee Gil-bok (“Romantic Doctor 2”) and is participated by creator GeuLine & Kang Eun-kyung (“Misty”, “The World of the Married”). The first episode of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” will air on November 12th after “One The Woman” ends.

Source: Daum

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