Not Rosé but BlackPink Jisoo was the last one to appear at the backstage of the debut stage to dance with Lisa

BlackPink Lisa’s newly uploaded clip immediately piqued the fans’ interest.

BLACKPINK had a great day on social media when continuously posting dance clips on Lisa’s LALISA music background.  Most recently, on the evening of September 24, Lisa posted a clip of dancing LALISA with her bandmate Jisoo.  Worth mentioning, this clip was filmed 5 days ago, when Lisa had her first promotional stage in Korea at “Inkigayo.” 

Previously, the news that Jisoo went to the backstage of Inkigayo to support Lisa’s solo debut made fans excited.  BLACKPINK’s eldest sister always pays attention to each member’s individual activities.  The clip was filmed on September 19, but it was only made public today.  In the clip, Lisa wore an outstanding red outfit while Jisoo dressed simply and used a ton sur ton red bandana.  

On the afternoon of September 24, Rosé also released a very sweet dance clip with Lisa on Tiktok.  4 members of BLACKPINK also danced to the music of LALISA to support the maknae.

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