Not only Nayeon (TWICE), Doyoung’s polite act towards Jennie was also praised by fans

This small but extremely galant act of the NCT’s member for Jennie (BLACKPINK) highly scored in the eyes of the two idols’ fans.

On November 25th, Jennie had her first promotional stage on television for her debut single “SOLO”. Not only did she bring a quality performance, the Black Pink member also had the No.1 trophy with the most points, surpassing other strong competitors such as TWICE and BTOB.

While Jennie and Inkigayo’s MCs exchanged with each other, fans found out the polite and galant action that Doyoung (NCT) had for Jennie. In particular, after the Black Pink member talked the tangerines that the members gave her, Doyoung quickly picked up the tangerine basket from Jennie so she could easily answer the question from the MC without being entangled in anything.

Doyoung’s action was praised by fans
Jennie’s comeback interview

Although this is a very small gesture, but according to netizens, this has proved the good personality of the NCT member. On the Internet, Doyoung received many compliments such as “Doyoung is so polite”, “Doyoung is so sweet”, “he is so nice”, etc.

Doyoung (NCT)

Source: k14

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