Not only Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE) was reported, but many more accounts are banned for allegedly insulting Korean men

A “sensitive” icon implying the small size is stirring up Korean netizens

Recently, on her Instagram account with nearly 1 million followers, Chaeyeon was reported to have deleted a story for an unexpected reason.

This story has since been removed and was reported by Instagram as violating the community terms.  Explained more specifically, her image is related to the issue of bullying.  But Korean netizens said that this photo was deleted because there was an image of a hand holding up and raising two fingers to approximate something.

The photo Chaeyon posted on the story with the words “My friend is as small as a bean”

The reason is that in the photo there is a hand sign, which Korean men consider an insult.  According to a new study, Korean men have the shortest penis in the world.  Therefore, the act of reporting Chaeyeon’s Instastory partly shows their inferiority.

The icon is said to mean comparing the “sizes” of Korean men

At the same time, recently a user on Instiz, one of the popular Korean forums, received a notice that his account was suspended for 180 days on suspicion of “violating the rules or using with malicious intent”.  The reason is that this person used the “sensitive” emoji in one of his comments on this forum.

This incident has angered Korean netizens.  They think it’s too unreasonable to lock a user’s account for 180 days just because of this emoji.

Source: K14