Not just selling merchandises, fans now are selling even… air from a BTS concert?

Perhaps other online shops should learn this from this particular ARMY.

If you have ever complained about how SM Entertainment sells everything in the world as goods, please acknowledge the fact that there are even more weird cases, e.g the case below.

A person who attended a BTS concert posted on an e-commerce site to sell this item. The item is …air from a BTS concert. The price of each box of this “air” is 2 pounds. Perhaps, this person wants to share with other ARMYs who couldn’t go to the concert the atmosphere of the concert, while can actually make money. Isn’t this genius?

The air from a BTS concert is being sold
The air from a BTS concert is being sold

This quickly became a hot topic on Korean social networking sites. Netizens have said that online shopping nowadays has taken a new turn. No matter whether the item is useful or not, of good quality or not, just writing names of famous idols with it and it will soon be sold out. This hilarious story also demonstrates the popularity of BTS in European and American markets. Selling goods is already “old” then, now people are selling air from the concerts of the idols.

What do you think about this peculiar case?

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