Not Ji Hyun-woo or Park Min-young, but this actor is the one who topped the drama casts’ “hot topic” rankings for 3 consecutive weeks

tvN’s drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” dominated the top rankings on both TV drama and drama cast popularity charts.

According to the chart of most discussed dramas/TV series in the first week of March released by Good Data Corporation on March 8rd, “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” ranked No.1, followed by “Young Lady and Gentleman”, “Business Proposal“, “Forecasting Love and Weather”, “Thirty-Nine”…

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The lead actress and actor of “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”, Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk, also charted No.1 and No.2 side by side in the popularity chart of drama cast this week. The two were followed by Kim Ji-yeon, Kim Se-jeong, Park Ha-na and Ji Hyun-woo.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One” is a work telling about the wandering and growth of young people whose dreams were taken away when the IMF crisis occurred in the 1998 era.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One” is a work produced by writer Kwon Do-eun and PD Jung Ji-hyun. Kim Tae-ri took on the role of Na Hee-do, a high school fencing dreamer who did not give up with passion and enthusiasm despite the loss of her team due to the IMF crisis. Nam Joo-hyuk transformed into Baek Yi-jin, who became a reporter after living a tough life as the eldest son of a chaebol family that went bankrupt during the IMF crisis.

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