Not “Into the new world”, this is the hottest debut song in KPOP girl group history

The song is considered a super debut hit of the new KPOP generation.

Recently, a “Which girl group has the best debut song?” voting poll has been created by a website, with the nominees’ list consisting of almost every KPOP girl group of all generations. The total votes of the poll is reported to have passed 41,000 votes.

SNSD’s “Into the new world” has been known to be a “holy debut song” for a KPOP girl group and was expected to top the chart this time, too. However, taking the chart’s number one spot is unexpectedly a song from a new generation girl group. The song is none other than BlackPink’s “Boombaya”, which received 23% of the total votes from netizens, followed by respectively TWICE’s “Like Ooh-Ahh” and Red Velvet’s “Happiness”. Meanwhile, “Into the new world” is only in 4th place with 11%.

2NE1 and MissA are reportedly the only 2nd girl groups other than SNSD that made it into the top, taking the 6th and 9th spot. CUBE’s rookie girl group proved their popularity by surpassing their seniors and landing in 5th place. The other songs that made the chart are “Glass Bead” (G-Friend), “Chase Me” (Dreamcatcher) and “Wee Woo” (PRISTIN).

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Here are the TOP10 hottest debut songs in KPOP girl group history voted by netizens:

1. “BOOMBAYAH” (Black Pink)

2. “Like Ooh-Ahh” (TWICE)

3. “Happiness” (Red Velvet)

4. “Into The New World” (SNSD)

5. “Latata” ((G)I-DLE)

6. “Fire” (2NE1)

7. “Glass Bead” (G-Friend)

8. “Chase Me” (Dreamcatcher)

9. “Bad Girl Good Girl” (miss A)

10. “Wee Woo” (PRISTIN)

Sources: kprofiles

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