“Not CG?” Surprisingly real prop in IVE’s “Kitsch” MV completely fools fans

A hand-painted mural of Jang Won Young, which appeared in IVE’s “Kitsch” MV, is receiving huge attention for looking like computer graphics 

At 6PM (KST) on March 27th, girl group IVE recently dropped the MV for their pre-release track “Kitsch”, ahead of their comeback with the first full-length “I’ve IVE”.

On the day of the release, “Kitsch” secured a spot in the top of the music charts. In particular, at 11PM (just 5 hours after release), the song has achieved the impressive feat of ranking first on Melon TOP100, as well as on other music sites like Genie and Bugs.

Along with the song, the music video for “Kitsch” also received a warm response.

In particular, “Kitsch” MV recorded nearly 1 million views just one hour after its release, and was featured on YouTube’s “Trending Videos”.

As of 4 PM on March 28th, 22 hours after its release, the video has surpassed 8.5 million views and has received about 490,000 likes.

At the same time, the Jang Won Young mural”, which appears along with the IVE member in the beginning of the music video also attracted attention.

In particular, in the intro of the”Kitsch” MV, Jang Won Young appears with charismatic eyes. At that moment, a mural that seems to depict her face with CG appears behind her.

Seeing the mural, fans debated whether it was CG or a real painting, as it gave off a lifelike vibe.

However, their curiosity was soon satisfied when an art painting company posted a picture of the Jang Won Young mural on their Instagram.

Jang Won-young

In the photo, people who seem to be the set team are shown painstakingly drawing and coloring Jang Wo Young’s face by hand. The final photo posted looked like the finished piece, with a 100% synchronization rate to the actual photo, which amazed people.

Fans who saw the mural in the music video couldn’t hide their surprise, and left comments in admiration. Below are some of their reactions: 

  • I loved this scene
  • Jang Won Young’s mural should be designated as cultural heritage
  • I thought Won Young’s mural was well represented by CG, but it was actually hand-drawn
  • It really looks like Jang Wonyoung
  • It feels more alive because it’s real
  • I thought it was a CG product, never expected it to be actually hand-drawn.”

Meanwhile, IVE has been causing the “IVE Syndrome” with successive hits, starting with their debut track “ELEVEN” and followed by “LOVE DIVE” and “After LIKE”.

IVE also proved their popularity by winning the Song of the Year award and Rookie Award at the “2022 MAMA Awards” last year. The title track of their upcoming album is expected to once again draw attention.

On the other hand, IVE’s first full-length album will be released at 6 PM on April 10th.

Source: wikitree

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