Not care for Winner, iKon and Black Pink, YG favors their new group too much

The latest announcement of YG about the tour around 20-30 cities of the winning group in the show MIXNINE is making netizens extremely mad.

Recently, YG Entertainment has published their plans to promote the winning group in “MIXNINE” which is a very hot survival show. To be specific, YG will organize a world tour from April will December 2018 and this tour will at least stop at 20-30 cities.

Blackpink, jennie, mixnine, YG

The beautiful appearance of the candidates of the show is one of biggest factors attracting the audiences.

YG, MIXNINE, Blackpink, Bigbang, debut

The performances of candidates in MIXNINE got a lot of compliments from the audiences because of the producer’s good preparation and investment in their images, music and choreography.

YG, MIXNINE, Blackpink, Bigbang, debut

But the group’s success after debut is also a big question as the show ratings are very low.

That YG favors their “new chicken” too much is making fans of BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON… totally angry. According to netizens’ point of view, YG hasn’t invested for their groups in a right way and now, they are planning big projects for new groups, which will directly affect the comeback plans in the next year of YG Entertainment groups. This favor is too much while WINNER is also a winning group in a “survival” show, but they only debuted in Korea and did not have any tour.

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After over 1 year of debut, BLACKPINK is now “the goose that laid the golden eggs” for YG, but still “ignored” completely as they haven’t got any official albums.

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Though WINNER has been highly appreciated since their debut, that they have to work in Japan makes them lose many chances to be more famous right in their hometown.

MIXNINE is a survival show produced by Yang appa and PD Han Dong Chul (“the father” of Produce 101, Show me the money…). Both male and female trainees in this show will directly compete against one another in many challenges to find out a final winning group that is comprised of 9 members.

Source: yannews

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