Not BTS or TWICE, this rookie is the opponent BLACKPINK needs to be wary of when having a comeback

Despite being rookie, this girl group has won countless achievements and is able to make BLACKPINK’s comeback even more difficult.

April is considered a “hot competition” of Kpop when a series of groups choose to come back at this time. Although it is difficult to witness a direct battle between BLACKPINK and TWICE, BTS due to the different comeback time, BLACKPINK will have to be careful with a new opponent, IZ*ONE who is still rookie but has achievements which are respectable.

As a rookie, IZ*ONE seems to be a possible rival for BLACKPINK

As scheduled, IZONE will make a comeback on 1/4 while BLACKPINK will release a new song on April 5. Due to the little difference in time between two groups, it’s hard to avoid direct rival. What does a rookie like IZONE have that the 4 YG girls have to be wary of?

The rookie that countless times “crushed” BLACKPINK

IZ*ONE is a female group that won a live show Produce 48 by “Mnet”. Since its debut, 12 girls have been highly praised for many achievements, most notably exceeding album sales, breaking the record for the girl group to win the fastest cup after debuting from BLACKPINK.

IZ*ONE officially debuted on October 29, 2018. Exactly 10 days later, the group snatched the first trophy on the M! Countdown stage with the song “La Vie en Rose”. With this victory, IZ * ONE has become the fastest girl group to win the cup on the music show since its debut, shattering the BLACKPINK record that has been held for 2 years (the YG girl group won first after 13 debut date thanks to the song “Whistle”).

The BLACKPINK record holds for 2 years …
… broken by IZ* NE in a flash

Not only that but IZ*ONE album sales also outnumbered BLACKPINK’s. With the debut product “COLOR * IZ”, sales of the first-day album of “Mnet daughter” reached 34,295 copies, far exceeding the sales of BLACKPINK’s “SQUARE UP” album on the first day (19,094 copies).

It is noteworthy that the album of 4 YG girls released “SQUARE UP” (6/2018), this figure is considered a great achievement because this first album released after nearly 2 years of the debut as well as mark the return of BLACKPINK after 1 year of absence.

IZ*ONE not only set a record for first-day albums selling for a rookie but also surpassed sales of BLACKPINK

IZONE also “defeated” BLACKPINK in the Japanese market – where YG enthusiastically promoted the group. In February 2019, IZONE debuted in Japan with the single “Suki to Iwasetai”. After only 1 week, the sales of this single has reached 300,000 copies, helping IZ*ONE receive platinum certification from The Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for artists with album sales exceeding 250,000 copies.

This is what BLACKPINK has never done in Japan even though they have released a full album, a mini album (with repackage) and a single but not one of them sold over 100,000 copies.

BLACKPINK lost to this rookie group in the Japanese market

With the above achievements, BLACKPINK and IZ*ONE confronted fiercely in album sales during this comeback. One thing you need to know, the groups from YG Entertainment, including BLACKPINK, are usually not strong in album sales, so it is likely that the group will be defeated by the rookie from Mnet.

The advantage of promotion time

BLACKPINK will make a comeback after a long time but it is very likely that they will not have much promotion time in Korea. The group will return on April 5, but they have a schedule to attend Coachella Music Festival (USA) on April 12. After that, BLACKPINK will start their North American tour with the first place being Los Angeles on the 17th. Thus, they only had 1 week maximum of promoting.

Because of the schedule, it is likely that BLACKPINK only promotes 1 week

On the contrary, IZONE will make a comeback 4 days before BLACKPINK but will definitely promote at full capacity because this is their first comeback since the debut. If there isn’t any change, IZONE will perform on music shows for 3 weeks – the maximum promotion time of the artists.

The longer the group promotes, the more chance they will win. Not to mention that because YG ended their relationship with a number of TV stations, BLACKPINK will only perform new songs on Music Core and Inkigayo. Thus, the group is in danger of winning fewer trophies than IZ*ONE.

If nothing changes, IZ * ONE will have a long promotion


In terms of popularity, BLACKPINK is still better than IZ * ONE. But if considering the achievements, the rookie from Produce 48 has won countless achievements in less than 1 year, many of which are better than BLACKPINK’s. The recognition level of IZ*ONE may not be as high as that of YG female group but with their fandom expanding quickly, surely they will be a tough opponent. If BLACKPINK is not careful, they can be surpassed easily.

BLACKPINK and fans need to be careful …

… because IZ*ONE is absolutely not an easy opponent

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