Not a pure Korean group like BTS, TXT has a foreign member

Bighit has just introduced the 3rd member of the new boy band TXT.

Right 0 o’clock on January 16 (local time), Bighit continues to introduce the third member of the new boy group TXT. Unlike the two Korean teammates introduced last time, Yeonjun and Soobin, Huening Kai is the first foreign member of the group to debut.

Because of this special point, Huening Kai has caused curiosity for many Kpop fans. Just half an hour after this member was introduced on Bighit’s YouTube channel, the video has collected half a million views, nearly 250 thousand likes and more than 40,000 comments, the number is too great for a rookie like TXT.

TXT “Introduction Film – What do you do?” – Huening Kai

Based on the name of Huening Kai, netizens speculate that he is Chinese. However, the half-Western face of the Huening Kai makes many people think that he is mixed. In addition, this member is also asserted to take the role of “spokesperson” of TXT because of good English.

huening 1
The black and white photo and …
huening 2
… colored photo of Huening Kai published by Bighit

Thus, TXT is not a group with all Korean natives like BTS but will have at least one foreigner. Fans are still waiting for the official Huening Kai‘s information from Bighit and continue to look forward to the next names in TXT‘s lineup.

Source: Kenh14

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