Noh Hong-chul embroiled in controversy over his remark, “If there’s a divorce, then the problem must lie in Kim Tae-hee”

Entertainer Noh Hong-chul praised singer Bi Rain’s personality.

On Dec 8th, a press conference for Netflix’s original entertainment show “The hungry and The hairy” was held online with the appearance of Bi Rain, Noh Hong-chul, music director Lee Sang-soon, director Kim Tae-ho, PD Jang Woo-sung and PD Lee Joo-won.

Noh Hong-chul talked about working with Bi Rain, “Bi Rain is the cleanest celebrity I’ve ever met over the past 20 years. The best in the world.”

Noh Hong-chul Bi Rain

In the meantime, he made an unexpected remark, “There are many celebrity divorces, but Bi Rain is unlikely to get a divorce.”

Then he calmed Bi Rain down, “I’m saying this because I don’t think you’re going to get a divorce.” He added, “If there’s a divorce, then the problem must lie in that person (Kim Tae-hee). After spending time traveling with Bi Rain, I realize he is the best.”

Noh Hong-chul Bi Rain

Noh Hong-chul said this to praise Bi Rain, but some netizens pointed out that his remark was rude and frivolous.

Netizens showed cold reactions on theqoo, such as “What did you say?”, “Mind your own business”, “Was that a compliment?”, “Think before you speak”…

netizen comments

Meanwhile, all 10 episodes of “The hungry and The hairy” will be released on Netflix at 5 p.m. on Dec 11th.

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