“No.1 Korean idol in Japan” BTS’s V wins 1st place in a popularity chart for 58 consecutive weeks

BTS’s V continued to boast his unrivaled popularity in Japan.

V won the popularity poll for K-pop male idols held by “Nehannn”, a famous idol ranking site in Japan, from the 3rd to the 8th of May with 17, 574 votes, breaking the milestone of dominating the No.1 spot for 58 consecutive weeks.


In the “Korean actors in their 20s” category on “Bihann”, a Korean actor ranking site in Japan, V also topped the list with 14,842 votes and broke the record of charting No.1 for 54 weeks in a row, proving his strong presence as an actor.

The fact that V is gaining popularity as an actor despite appearing in only one drama, which is “Hwarang”, implies that V has left a great impression on Japanese drama fans as an actor, making fans look forward to his future acting activities. 


V is sweeping various popularity votes in Japan, including the “K-pop male idol ranking, the most famous Korean boy group member”, “Most handsome and famous celebrity in the world”, “Most handsome Korean male idol”, “Visual rankings in BTS”, etc.

In Japan, where the Korean Wave is spreading in full swing through the success of K-pop and K-drama, V shows off his extraordinary popularity as a singer and actor and is drawing expectations as an all-rounder who will lead the 4th stage of the Korean Wave.

V’s power, which can be clearly recognized through figures and indicators, also has a direct influence on sales. Clothes, accessories, cosmetics worn and used by V as well as books held in his hands keep being sold out quickly.

In the popularity vote ahead of the release of BTS Xylitol gum in Japan, products with the photo of BTS as a whole group were demanded by 25.3% of surveyed people while products with V’s exclusive individual photo reached 23.4%, certifying his hot popularity. In fact, after BTS Xylitol gum was released, Japanese fans complained that it was so difficult to obtain V’s products since they kept getting out of stock. 


In addition, GQ Korea published individual covers of BTS members, who appeared as models for that issue, on the first day of pre-order, and only V’s cover was sold out in Rakuten, and the first version to be out of stock on Qoo10, realizing V’s huge impact.

The same thing happened during the pre-order period for TinyTan figures on Amazon Japan. As soon as the pre-order was opened, TinyTan V ranked 1st place in the pre-order sale rankings, proving V’s explosive popularity.

Source: Daum

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