Nicole hints at KARA’s 15th anniversary comeback: “It’s mostly set in stone”

KARA member Nicole expressed her thoughts on the comeback of KARA as a group.

On July 26th, Nicole held a press conference for her solo comeback at Crest 72 in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, ahead of the release of her new digital single “YOU.F.O”, which will hit online music sites on July 27th. 

At this event, Nicole said: “It felt so good to be able to make a comeback in Korea, but it would be a lie if I said there was no pressure.” She then added: “I’m just happy and excited at this moment.”

Nicole also said: “I had time to rest and get to know myself. I also knew why I felt depressed while traveling in Europe. I felt burdened by leisurely time, but after traveling, I felt that I could see different perspectives, see the scenery, and take a breather.”

When asked about plans with her group KARA, Nicole responded: “I’ve been planning a comeback with KARA members, and the process has been going through steadily. It’s our 15th anniversary this year, so I’m meeting Korean fans and I’m preparing hard. It’s pretty set in stone.”

Nicole’s new song “YOU.F.O” is a song that compares feelings of new love to the universe, at the same time expressing the dual meaning of “UFO” and “You will find our galaxy”through a rhythmic and groovy melody.

Source: daum

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