News of I.O.I’s reunion turned out to be YG’s effort to cover up the scandal of two Big Bang members?

Korean netizens have raised a lot of doubts when suddenly receiving a series of news that came from nowhere right after the scandal of Seungri and G-Dragon.

On the afternoon of February 26, a series of major Korean newspapers suddenly reported on the reunion plan of I.O.I. The Chinese media quoted an entertainment industry representative saying the project girl group coming out of “Produce 101” season 1 is discussing a reunion plan without Jeon Somi, who is currently preparing for a solo debut in May. However, very quickly, management companies denied this sudden news.

MBK Entertainment – Jung Chaeyeon’s management company (DIA) affirmed: “It is true that companies have had several discussions about reuniting with members in the past, but without any detailed plans to continue “. Meanwhile, MNH Entertainment – Kim Chungha’s management company, also made a similar statement: “It is true that every year the members mention reunion. However, we have never given any detailed plan “. Starship Entertainment – the management company of Yeonjung (Cosmic Girls), also said: “Reunion is a matter of discussion every year, but we have never heard of any specific plans for a reunion“.

The feedback of the management companies made netizens extremely surprised why such a baseless information was widely reported by the media while not clearly verifying. And soon after, many people realized the true purpose behind the reunion news of I.O.I. The fact that this information was released immediately after 2 scandals by Seungri and G-Dragon made Korean netizens believe that this is YG Entertainment’s move to distract public opinion from the scandal of their artists

In fact, the reunion of I.O.I is not the only strange news released this afternoon. Recently, major Korean newspapers also published information about the singer, actor Kim Jung Hoon (former member of the UN group), who was sued by his ex-girlfriend to the Seoul Central Court on the 21st. In February, according to what Korean media announced, Kim Jung Hoon’s ex-girlfriend confirmed that their relationship was getting worse when she became pregnant. When her ex-girlfriend just discovered she was pregnant, Kim Jung Hoon once pleaded to ask her to have an abortion but the girl did not agree (abortion is illegal in Korea). And by the end of her pregnancy, her apartment lease has expired. Although she plans to return to her parents’ home, Kim Jung Hoon then offered to find a home for the ex-girlfriend.

Kim Jung Hoon is said to have promised to pay 10 million won (equivalent to 208 million VND) including deposit and monthly rent for his ex-girlfriend. However, he only paid her 1 million won (about 21 million VND) and then stopped contacting completely. For this reason, Kim Jung Hoon’s ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit asking the singer to pay the remaining 9 million won (about 187 million VND) in the deposit and monthly rent he promised.

Although Kim Jung Hoon’s case is really shocking news to the audience, many people still wonder why it was released right now. Kim Jung Hoon’s ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit on February 21, so Korean netizens could not stop wondering why the press had to announce it this afternoon but not earlier or later. And very quickly, all doubts continued to pour into YG because soon after Kim Jung Hoon’s scandal was released, it immediately took over all major newspapers and captured the public’s attention from two shocking incidents of two Big Bang members.

One of the main reasons why Korean netizens believe that the reunion news of IOI and the scandal of Kim Jung Hoon are all YG’s moves stemming from the fact that the site is most active in posting this information is OSEN – which is still considered “ally of YG” along with Naver. Under current articles about I.O.I and Kim Jung Hoon, comments criticizing YG Entertainment can easily be found.

Netizen Han voiced out: “YG is busy with media play today ㅋㅋㅋ”, “YG’s media play is annoying to IOI“, “OSEN, stop covering the company. The drug scandal is still the last one.” “Fans have the feeling that they’re covering up the scandal of the artists “,” Sooner or later , the news must be released at this time, obviously YG is trying to distract them from their problems“,” Almost all media play articles are released on OSEN “,” YG is probably in a bad mood “,” As soon as Seungri has news, the scandal of Kim Jung Hoon broke out. That’s enough to understand “,”Don’t think about it, Yang Hyun Suk. 10 cases of Kim Jung Hoon that can’t even distract Seungri’s case“, ….

What do you think about this situation?

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