NewJeans surpasses IVE and BLACKPINK to top girl group brand reputation rankings in January 2023

NewJeans took first place in the girl group brand reputation ranking chart.

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation analyzed 55,441,187 brand big data measured from December 8 to January 8 last year and measured the brand reputation index with the participation index, media index, communication index, and community index for girl group brands. Compared to 51,632,684 girl group brands in December last year, it increased by 7.38%.

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According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, NewJeans ranked first in the January 2023 big data analysis of girl group brand reputation, followed by BLACKPINK and IVE.

The NewJeans brand, which ranked first in the girl group brand reputation, was analyzed as a brand reputation index of 7,299,275, with a participation index of 1,375,300, a media index of 2,217,183, a communication index of 1,870,115, and a community index of 1,836,676. Compared to last December’s brand reputation index of 5,361,953, it rose by 36.13%.

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The BLACKPINK brand in second place was surveyed with a brand reputation index of 6,181,277, with a participation index of 179,316, a media index of 1,081,582, a communication index of 1,559,048, a community index of 3,361,330. Compared to the brand reputation index of 5,106,657 in December last year, it rose by 21.04%.

The IVE brand ranked third with a brand reputation index of 3,208,974, a participation index of 459,272, a media index of 1,169,117, a communication index of 702,095, and a community index of 878,490. Compared to the brand reputation index of 2,002,541 in December last year, it increased by 60.25%.

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Top 30 place in the brand reputation ranking of girl groups in January 2023 is as follows:

  1. NewJeans
  3. IVE
  5. Twice
  6. Girls’ Generation
  7. (G)I-DLE
  8. Red Velvet
  9. aespa
  10. Oh My Girl
  11. Mamamoo
  12. Apink
  13. LOONA
  14. ITZY
  15. fromis_9
  16. Cignature
  17. Girl’s Day
  18. WJSN
  19. Kep1er
  20. Brave Girls
  21. StayC
  22. EXID
  23. April
  24. Momoland
  25. Dreamcatcher
  26. Woo!ah
  27. NMIXX
  28. LABOUM
  29. Ladies’ Code
  30. Brown Eyed Girls.

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