NewJeans: from distinctiveness to broad coverage and overseas success, the group has the ingredients to be  the “Next Leader” of the generation 

The group only takes more than two months to rise as the most outstanding rookie of the next generation. 

As the leading project spearheaded by HYBE in 2022, ADOR (the sublabel headed by Min Hee Jin) debuted NewJeans without prior promotion at the end of July. Without any teaser or revealed information, NewJeans made a brand new appearance with “Attention” in such a manner that piqued the public interest. 

This debut strategy that impressed with visual and sonic elements worked and NewJeans were a sensation up until their official debut on August 1st. After two months, this rookie group reached nationwide coverage and received admirable achievements.

NewJeans is on their way to become the most outstanding rookie of the generation 

Clearly defined music style from early works

NewJeans’ success is largely due to their “high-browed” music. With 4 consecutive drops, namely “Attention”, “Hybe Boy”, “Hurt” and “Cookie”. They all have a music signature that distinguishes themselves from other Kpop songs. Their music is produced by a famous producer duo of the Korean underground scene. 

NewJeans – “Attention” MV 

The remix set was experimental but still catchy and impressionable on the audiences. Using hip-hop and RnB as the core materials, through the newness of 5 members, the EP is tightly woven between elements of the new and the familiar, the high-brow and the catchy. 

NewJeans left strong impression with catchy yet distinct music 

NewJeans also brings a new set of images to the Korean industry. Not girl-crush, not school style, not mysterious seductiveness, 5 members are 5 girls of trend. From the first teaser to the public, Neweans was donned with nostalgic outfits and looks following the Y2K trend – a style the top It Girls apply everyday. Creative Director Min Hee Jin has successfully inspired youth with a brand new and age-appropriate style that is no less intriguing. 

NewJeans’ style is a combination of modernity and classicality that captures the heat-generating Y2K spirit. 

 Jaw-dropping accomplishments in two months of debut 

 Nearly one week after their official debut, NewJeans swept through the digital charts in Korea, with “Attention” and “Hybe Boy” alternately securing the top position on MelOn for days. Confronting other tough competitors such as BLACKPINK and IVE, NewJeans was still able to secure their ranking and even achieved the Real-time All Kill (RAK). 

“Attention” was a challenge for many groups on the way to achieve RAK 

Outside of Korea, NewJeans is also a popular name internationally. NewJeans has currently accumulated more than 9.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is the only 4-gen girl group to obtain this accomplishment. Each song earns millions of streams on the same platform (“Attention” – 80 million; “Hybe Boy” – 77 millions). NewJeans is also a rare group that has audio versions attracting millions of views on YouTube, dominating the views of official MVs. 

NewJeans is the “digital warrior” with astounding achievements in and out of Korea
The audios have even higher views than the official MVs

Recently, in “The Fact Music Awards 2022”, NewJeans became the “Next Leader” of the new generation, a well-deserved award for the coverage and achievements of the group. 

The group well-earned their “Next Leader” award 

 Two months after debut, NewJeans attracts a variety of ambassadorship and endorsement contracts  which come partly from the group’s influence on the youth. The most lively evidence was in the support of the viewers of their live stages. 

The fan chants for NewJeans

 At this moment, NewJeans and IVE are considered two most influential rookies with an impact across music charts, overwhelming coverage and an inspiration to different aspects of young people’s lives. 

According to recent news, as BTS is joining the military soon, some netizens speculated that NewJeans will receive more attention and investment and potentially become the “Ace” of the company. 

Source: K14

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