New song released by Luhan’s girlfriend was claimed to have plagiarized two of IU’s MVs

Guan Xiaotong’s fans and IU’s fans are having a big fight over the unusual similarities among the 3 MVs.

The issue that is causing a stir on Weibo at the moment is Guan Xiaotong (Luhan’s girlfriend)’s debut MV “Flowery Day”. As soon as it was released, netizens have pointed out that the color, the scenes, the plot of the MV as well as the promotion poster for the MV had 10 similar points with IU’s two previous MVs, “23” and “Pallete”.

Flowery Day Guanxiao tong

Flowery Day – Guanxiao tong
IU(아이유) _ Twenty-three(스물셋)
IU(아이유) _ Palette(팔레트) (Feat. G-DRAGON)
The purple confetti
The apples, one was red, one was green

The two sides have had heated debates on social networks. However, Gian Xiaotong’s fans had provided the evidences that the actress worked with a Korean photographer named Mok Jung Wook. This person is also the film photographer who helped IU in promoting, so the similarity is unavoidable. Meanwhile, fans of IU believe that although using the same photographer, the similar elements in her MV must be Guan Xiaotong’s intention to PR for her music product.

Sources: k14

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