New series of photos of Woojin (former Stray Kids member) suddenly became a hot topic

The visual of Woojin (former Stray Kids member) in the new series of photos suddenly attracts a lot of attention on social networks.

In September 2020, male idol Woojin (former Stray Kids member) was accused by a series of netizens of sexually harassing them. He was even being suspected of making a fansite master pregnant.

This explains why JYP Entertainment abruptly dismissed the male idol in October 2019 without giving an explanation. The new management business for the male star, 10X Entertainment, has indicated that it will pursue legal action and allow him to prepare for a solo album. However, netizens point out that this company is a phantom, and it even plagiarized logo from an online furniture store. Netizens strongly criticized Woojin and asked him to leave the entertainment industry.

After a long time of being boycotted, the male idol returned with the visual film Le Chocolatier today (May 18). However, it is undeniable that Woojin’s visual is too attractive, easily attracting the attention of netizens.  There is even an opinion that the male idol’s visual has increased significantly after JYP kicked him out of Stray Kids.

After a long time, Woojin has returned and made people “visual shock”. He is so handsome in the new visual film.

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The sharp and attractive eyes of the former Stray Kids member are outstanding

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Netizens compared Woojin’s smirk to Joker

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Previously, when he was in Stray Kids, Woojin’s visual was not so outstanding.  Many people think that JYP’s stylist can’t highlight the male idol’s beauty at all.

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Source: K14

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