Nevertheless: Nabi doesn’t deserve love from either Jae Eon or Do Hyuk

The audience is really fed up with the female lead of ‘Nevertheless.’

There is just one more episode until ‘Nevertheless‘ comes to an end, closing a two-month journey that has sparked several debates over the script and the actors’ acting abilities. Following episode 9 – which aired on the evening of August 14 – the public was once again compelled to debate about the main character, Na Bi (Han So Hee).

nevertheless han soo hee
nevertheless han soo hee

Many viewers, in particular, were fed up with Na Bi. Always needed an official relationship, but when Jae Eon confessed, Nabi hesitated, even though she still met and received gifts from him. She was constantly under the impression that Jae Eon had a girlfriend, yet she was unable to break their relationship. They even had a kiss when they were at Do Hyuk’s house. Na Bi turned herself into “a side chick” even though until now, no one is sure if Jae Eon has a girlfriend or not.

nevertheless han soo hee

Nabi, on the other hand, repeatedly gave Do Hyuk hope just to let him down. Do Hyuk appeared to be little more than a test or a backup plan for her.

nevertheless han soo hee

Some comments from netizens:

  • Na Bi, you should be alone, don’t love anyone!!!
  • You shouldn’t fall in love with anyone if you don’t want to be with Jae Eon. Don’t hurt them!
  • I am so fed up with Nabi. In fact, a lot of girls have that kind of personality.
  • Poor Do Hyuk!

The last episode of “Nevertheless” will air on the evening of August 21.


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