Netizens’s sympathy for Jimin grows for Kwon Mina’s too much exposure

Kwon Mina, a former AOA member, is suffering backlash for her excessive revelations, and sympathetic opinions are forming toward the AOA Jimin, whom Kwon Minah pointed out as the bullying perpetrator.

Kwon Mina, while acknowledging the recent controversy over her boyfriend two-timing on Instagram on the 5th, referred to the ‘harassment within AOA‘ incident again. In reply to netizens’ real-time comments, she described Jimin, a former member of AOA, who was pointed out as the perpetrator of the ‘bullying’ controversy, as “the evil among the evil ones.”

Netizens's sympathy for Jimin grows for Kwon Mina’s too much exposure

She added, “(Shin Jimin) called me schizophrenic,” she said. “I suffered from bullying for 10 years, deepening depression and developing insomnia. In this case, I am a huge victim.” She even mentioned Jimin’s private life.

Fans who had been supporting Kwon Mina’s complaint of bullying, after the incident of ‘two-timing’, to the slander about Jimin’s personal life, now complaining of fatigue and showed the reaction as “she crossed the line”.

As the criticism from netizens continued, Kwon Mina said, “I’m really sorry that I caused everyone’s anger to the extent that it attracted all kinds of comments.” and “I will put everything down and self-cultivate in silence ,” she added, “The pain of 10 years was cruel to me.” All comments on the post containing this content have been blocked.

Since then, some fans have been supporting Jimin, who has been pointed out as the bullying perpetrator. On Jimin’s Instagram, she wrote, “It was XX, who forced myself a lot but still believed that one side was one-sided”, “Please cheer up. (In the meantime) I’m sorry I didn’t know”, “Please don’t put up with it any longer, tell the truth and file a complaint,” the comments continued. There were also fans who wanted Jimin to return to the entertainment industry.

Kwon Mina debuted as a member of AOA in 2012, but withdrew in 2019. In July of last year, it became a hot topic when it was revealed that the reason why she left the group was because of the constant harassment of Jimin, who was the leader of AOA. After that, Jimin also left AOA and practically retired from the entertainment industry.

Even after that, Kwon Mina exposed the content of the harassment and released several attempts to self-harm on social media, causing fans to worry. However, for the past few months, she has posted her peaceful daily life with her family and acquaintances on social media.

On the 26th of last month, she posted a picture of her with a non-celebrity male (called A) on Instagram and declared her public relationship. However, the disclosure of the ex-girlfriend of Mr. A raised suspicions about A’s juggling two chicks, and Kwon Mina was also criticized. Since then, Kwon Mina has been denying the allegations, but she eventually admitted and apologized on the 4th. She also informed that she had broken up with Mr. A. 

Source: Nate