Netizens were extremely excited when Paul McCartney praised and confessed that he enjoyed watching BTS

The former member of the cult rock band The Beatles – Paul McCartney recently mentioned BTS, making fans extremely proud.

On November 24, the former member of rock band The Beatles – Paul McCartney appeared in a radio program on Apple Podcast.  Here, he shared about his career, stories in music as well as introduced his solo album coming out on December 18.

When being asked about the generation of young boy groups, Paul McCartney praised BTS and confessed that he enjoyed watching them: “It seems like they’re going through the same things we (The Beatles) had to go through. BTS, my Korean friends! I love watching you guys.”

The above story immediately became a hot topic on Korean social networks.  Everyone knows Paul McCartney is a member of The Beatles, he is also recognized as the most successful artist in the history of contemporary music.  So the fact that a “legend” like Paul McCartney mentioned BTS makes many Kpop fans proud, helping the audience to confirm: BTS is the pride of Korea!

Some netizen comments when Paul McCartney mentioned BTS:

1. Crazy. I don’t really care about idols, but I know BTS is popular all over the world, I think it’s amazing that legendary Paul McCartney mentioned them.

2. Well, this is crazy. The legend mentions legend…

3. Paul McCartney!!!! I’ve heard of The Beatles since I was a kid, and I know they are legends of all time. I’m so proud that Paul McCartney mentioned BTS. Thank you, Paul McCartney. Be healthy 

4. The living legend listens to their music and mentions them lovingly, and I envy BTS

5. Hul BTS is amazing

6. Wow…. It’s great that BTS is a Korean group and the members are all Korean

7. Wow, I got goosebumps

8. I’m happy to live in the same era as BTS

9. Wow, BTS is the pride of Korea

10. These are living legends. Seriously, I’m so proud of having BTS in Korea

This is not the first time that Paul McCartney has brought up BTS during a broadcast. In 2019, on the show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with Paul McCartney as the guest artist, a clip of BTS singing the song Hey Jude (The Beatles) was shown. The former member of the “legendary” rock band has been very attentive and also clapped his hands with a complimenting expression, making BTS fans extremely happy and proud of their idol.

Sources: knetizen

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