Netizens suddenly discovered evidence of Park Min Young dating Park Seo Joon through a small detail

Although both denied dating rumors, fans still found a lot of evidence

For a long time, rumors about Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon have been circulating online.  Although both of them always deny this rumor, netizens have seen a lot of evidence that the couple is actually dating.

Recently, proof of this couple’s dating is making the social network excited.  Through the latest photo on Park Min Young’s personal page, the netizen caught the “hint” that she was dating Park Seo Joon.  At first glance, this picture is nothing unusual, but when zoomed carefully, netizens see a reflection of a man in black and wearing a mask in a glass in front of the actress.  And the shadow in the cup is strangely similar to Park Seo Joon, making people suspect that this is a photo from the couple’s date night.

parkminyoung parkseojoon dating 1415315723712 scaled 1
Park Min Young is extremely beautiful in this image
parkminyoung parkseojoon dating 141537
But netizens are paying attention to this wine glass
parkminyoung parkseojoon dating 14153157237
Many people think that the man reflected in the wine glass is Park Seo Joon

Besides, there are also many opinions that maybe it is just a coincidence, the person wearing the mask is not necessarily Park Seo Joon because the quality of the image reflected in the glass is not so clear.  On the other hand, the scene behind Park Min Young seems to be a high-class restaurant, while the image of Park Seo Joon wearing a mask is in his vlog where he attended his cooking school earlier.

Currently, this is still a controversial topic on social networks.  Although it is impossible to confirm that the man in the glass is Park Seo Joon, before that, there is also a lot of evidence, lovestagram confirmed that the famous actor couple is dating.

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parkminyoung parkseojoon dating 1567357168312
parkminyoung parkseojoon dating 15673571683

Source: K14, Instagram

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