Netizens’ reaction to the girl group stage at MAMA yesterday (Video)

There is an overseas girl group that turned the Korean award show upside down with a performance that they’ve never seen before. It’s Hiragana Keyakizaki 46 from Japan.

They attended the “2018 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) Premier in Korea” held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul on Dec 10th.

Hiragana Keyakizaki 46 performed their song “期待していない自分” (My unexpected self) on the stage. They wore white dresses and made a lot of interesting expressions.

The center of the stage was Sasaki Mirae. She started the live with a look like she was about to chew the camera.

The beginning was normal. It looked similar to other idol groups as the members started to dance and matched their movements.

But as they got closer and closer to the climax, their performance became intense. She started holding her necks and this was just the beginning.

And then suddenly she held her head. People were wondering was it a broadcasting accident?

She, once again, run between other members who were dancing.

She was running really, really hard.

And there were solo dances by the other members. It’s like a mix of modern dance, but it’s somewhat out of tune.

In the end, all the members danced together. We haven’t seen a stage like this in Korean idol history.

Korean netizens showed their confusion through comments: “What has just run past me…”I feel like I’m running an eight-round marathon,” “I was shocked because it doesn’t seems like something to laugh at,” and “I’m freaking out.”

Source: Dispatch

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