Netizens re-examined Song Ji-hyo’s legendary beauty 10 years ago: “short hair + half up-do style”

The past of actress Song Ji-hyo, who boasted her legendary beauty with a combination of short hair and half up-do style, is being talked about.

Song Ji-hyo Running man

Song Ji-hyo recently surprised fans by changing her hairstyle with an unconventional short haircut. Some expressed regret over Song Ji-hyo‘s changed styling, but her fans insisted that “Her old beauty is not going anywhere” and that the short haircut suited her well.

This is the first time Song Ji-hyo has had a short haircut. However, 10 years ago, she drew attention by having short hair that was close to a short haircut.

Song Ji-hyo Running man

Looking at Song Ji-hyo‘s appearance at the time, her youthful appearance and transparent skin attracted attention.

At the time, when it was only the 34th episode of “Running Man“, Song Ji-hyo shook male fans’ hearts by showing off her bright charm as a “newbie on variety shows“.

Netizens left various comments such as “She was a legend at the time”, “She has a pretty face, so I don’t care about her hair”, “It was when Song Ji-hyo’s beauty was legendary”, “I’m repeating the video endlessly”…

Song Ji-hyo, who had short hair in another “Running Man” video around the same time, drew attention by boasting her elegant yet lively image.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo has been appearing in “Running Man” for 11 years since 2010.

Song Ji-hyo Running man
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