Netizens re-examine a hidden fact about Oh Il-nam in ‘Squid Game’

The tug-of-war scene in ‘Squid Game’ has been re-examined among viewers.

Squid Game hidden details

Recently, Netflix’s original drama ‘Squid Game‘ has been creating a worldwide syndrome. Related contents are also proving its hot popularity by being posted one after another on various online communities.

Among them, a hidden fact (?) related to the old man Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) was revealed and drew viewers’ attention. In the drama, Oh Il-nam’s team faced the greatest difficulty when playing tug-of-war. They had a high probability of losing as the opposing team was made up of strong men.

Squid Game hidden details

Nevertheless, Oh Il-nam did not lose his characteristic smile and led his team to victory by passing on tips to win tug-of-war. However, it is speculated that Oh Il-nam would not have died even if he had lost tug-of-war. Only Oh Il-nam’s arms were not locked. Obviously there was a lock at the beginning of the game, but it was not found in the scene after the game was over.

Squid Game hidden details

Regarding this, netizens left various comments such as “Oh Il-nam could always get away from the rope”, “I got goosebumps because of the detailed directing”…

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