Netizens put the blame on BLACKPINK’s Lisa for getting infected, fans jump to her defense 

Although most of the comments are protecting Lisa, there are still some criticisms that the female idol has violated the pandemic restrictions. 

One of the entertainment news that is getting the most attention in Korea right now is BLACKPINK’s Lisa confirmed to test positive for the ongoing pandemic’s virus despite having been fully vaccinated. Specifically, on November 24, YG Entertainment made an official announcement stating, “Lisa was confirmed to be diagnosed with the virus this afternoon. At the time we received Lisa’s positive test results, the other members have not been in contact with any confirmed cases. However, they still underwent PCR testing and we are currently waiting for the results. Our company has been following the pandemic prevention measures according to the guidance of the government and has also shared all relevant information with local health authorities.”  

Netizens put the blame on BLACKPINK’s Lisa for getting infected

In addition, according to an exclusive report by iMBC, another BLACKPINK member, Rosé has been in close contact with an infected person (believed to be a YG staff) and is currently in self-quarantine. As a consequence, Rosé will not be able to attend previously confirmed schedules.

In fact, Lisa is not the first Kpop idol to unfortunately test positive for the virus. But perhaps no infected idol has caused such controversy like the case of Lisa. There have been many comments blaming Lisa and accusing her of not complying with the pandemic prevention measures, despite the fact that many fans have defended Lisa and proved that she was not at fault. 

  • “I’m not a fan, but when did Lisa break the epidemic prevention rules? She strictly followed the epidemic prevention rules when she came to the US and in Korea she always wore a mask and practiced isolation in accordance with regulations.  Then why did she get hate? Lisa was asked to get the vaccine and she did exactly what she was asked to do, but in the end vaccines aren’t a panacea, then why is she cursed just for testing positive?”
  • “But Taeyong used to go bowling with 5 other people without a mask”
  • “This is why it’s not advisable to resume overseas activities yet.”
  • “In their official statement, YG made it clear that the remaining 3 people have not been in close contact with the infected person.”
  • “It’s important to remember that just because you’ve been vaccinated doesn’t mean you’ll never become infected. A lot of celebrities, even though they’ve had the full dose of the vaccine, still get it. We are experiencing the highest number of cases ever recorded because the entire world is spreading diseases to one another. At this point, we may need to start treating COVID-19 like a common cold, as cases are expected to rise further.”
  • “Must come back healthy. I hope the other members don’t get sick”
  • “I knew this was going to happen early on after seeing her show up at a foreign nightclub without a mask on…”

Most importantly, not only Lisa but also Jennie was criticized even though she was completely unrelated. Today, many posts have appeared on Korean online forums criticizing Jennie for images of her not wearing a mask appearing at parties in the United States, despite not wearing a mask is completely legal in the US.

Netizens put the blame on BLACKPINK’s Lisa for getting infected
  • “In order to enter such places, you must have a negative PCR test. It’s these kinds of elite parties that are really safe places.”
  • “Jennie is not infected with COVID-19, and it’s perfectly legal to not wear a mask in the US, why suddenly drag Jennie into this? Also, Lisa not only goes to the club just for fun but also for the purpose of promoting her work. In addition to this photo, there are many other images of Lisa wearing a mask. And until now we still do not know if Lisa was infected abroad or at home.  It’s also possible that she returned to Korea and then got infected, and even if she was infected in the US, Lisa has never violated the epidemic prevention rules according to US law so please don’t criticize her ㅋㅋㅋ And please don’t drag Jennie in ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “As expected, Jennie is the representative face of BLACKPINK ㅋㅋ The other member got sick and she got scolded ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “But in the US it’s still legal to not wear a mask… So what’s the problem?”
Netizens put the blame on BLACKPINK’s Lisa for getting infected

Meanwhile, according to the latest announcement from YG Entertainment, all 3 remaining members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé have negative PCR test results for COVID-19.


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