Netizens predict the talent of the next CEO of Big Hit, YG, SM and JYP

Who says that singers cannot become a CEO? Park Jin Young, Yang Hyun Suk and Bang Si Hyuk were also singers and composers in K-pop years ago.

YG – Seungri (Big Bang)

Netizens completely support Seungri to be the next CEO after Yang daddy. He is fluent in 3 languages and always be the speaker of Big Bang. The way he talks to people is professional and he has the talent in convincing other people. Even Yang has to agree with this point.
Morover, Seungri has been famous for his V.I.P friends because many of them are really famous in K-biz and other countries. The most important thing is his ability of managing considered familiar with that of CEO Yang Huyn Suk. He is now the owner of a really expensive noodle restaurant in the centre of Seoul called Aori Ramen, a studio named Natural High Record and a really famous bar club named Plug In Music Academy.
Many people guessed Yang had already thought about let Seungri be the next CEO. That’s why he let Seungri to be the examiner of the program MIXNINE together with him last year.

SM – Suho (EXO)

Beside his outstanding family and being known as a “rich man” of EXO, Suho is also loved by CEO Lee So Man more than other members. Many fans said he can be the biggest holder with his money if he really wants. However, at the moment, he seems to be really happy being the “babysitter” of other 8 members in EXO.
“Don’t judge him through his simple and nice look… …the reality is: he is a hidden “millionaire” of K-pop.

Big Hit – Jin (BTS)

Beside the outstanding family, the reason why many fans guess Jin will be the next CEO of Big Hit is because of a really funny story. One lovely day, Jin took a picture next to the logo of Big Hit and said: “Because I’m so handsome today so I will change this logo to Jinhit”. Moreover, Big Hit’s website that day suddenly changed to Jinhit and this made fans go crazy. Some fans screen-shot that moment and created a new name – Jin Hit Entertainment.
In a good day, Jin wanted to change Big Hit to Jinhit.
Even Big Hit made his want come true, now you know his “power” right?

JYP – Junho (2PM)

Fans said after a long time being a famous singer, at the moment, only Junho can prove this talent. Not only being successful in singing, he is also successful in being an actor. Netizens said Junho possesses the familiar personality with CEO Park Jin Young, so they guess he might be the one who has the potential to be the next CEO after Park Jin Young retires.
After 2PM stop producing music products to join the army, Junho is still continue as a solo singer. Only since 2017 until now, he has had 3 impressive roles as an actor. This makes fans remember him.
Maybe one day in the future, fans will see Seungri, Suho and Jin appear not as singers, but as the CEO of those famous entertainment companies. Do you think those guesses can be true one day?

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