Netizens predict Girls Planet 999’s final Top 9: Will CLC’s Yujin make it to the debut lineup, Kim Dayeon will be the center?

Many fans are wondering whether or not Mnet will manipulate the final results of Girls Planet 999. 

Only a day left, the finale of the survival show Girls Planet 999 will officially take place. 9 finalists will be selected to debut as a new girl group. Prior to the finale, Mnet has also unveiled the first interim votes of Top 9. 

The current interim Top 9 ranking, except for Su Ruiqi, all consist of Korean contestants. To many fans’ surprise, trainees who continuously got high ranks throughout the show such as Ezaki Hikaru, Kawaguchi Yurina, Sakamoto Mashiro, Shen Xiaoting… all dropped out of the debut lineup. With the change in voting system for the finale, instead of voting for at least one contestant each from the Korean, Japanese and Chinese groups, fans only get to vote for their one pick regardless of which group they belong to. This can lead to drastic changes in the final ranking. 

Before the D-Day, let’s take a look at the 9 contestants who will most likely be named in the final debut lineup of the show:

1. Center Kim Dayeon

Recently, Kim Dayeon has been the most controversial contestant when she is claimed to be “Mnet’s child”, “Mnet’s princess” and meant to debut as the center position of the new group. Dayeon’s ranking in the last few weeks has also increased dramatically, even surpassing another contestant of K-group who once ranked 1st, CLC’s Yujin.

Girls Planet 999

2. Choi Yujin

Always maintaining her rank in the top, according to most viewers, Yujin’s debut is 99% guaranteed at this point. However, fans are worried that Mnet might pull a similar “plot twist” in the finale like what they did to NU’EST’s JR and After School’s Gaeun in the Produce series, by kicking a famous contestant who often ranked high throughout the show out of the final lineup.  

Girls Planet 999

3. Kim Chaehyun

Kim Chaehyun is also a formidable opponent when she has a stable ranking in the Top 9. Most recently, she also rose to the top.

Girls Planet 999

4. Huening Bahiyyih

Known to many as the younger sister of TXT’s Huening Kai, Huening Bahiyyih is believed to receive a lot of votes from her large international fan base to debut.

Girls Planet 999

5. Sakamoto Mashiro

The former JYP trainee is a Japanese contestant who can speak Korean fluently, so she has a high chance of debuting.

Girls Planet 999

 6. Kang Yeseo

Kang Yeseo is another trainee of K-group who went viral for looking similar to Irene and… Jungkook. It would be such a waste if she couldn’t make it into the final lineup.

7. Ezaki Hikaru

Once ranked 1st in the J-group, Hikaru is expected to make her debut in Korea if Mnet wants to make their girl group more unique!

Girls Planet 999

8. Kawaguchi Yurina

Yurina used to have a stable performance on the show when consecutively ranking in the Top 2, but her rankings in the last few weeks have declined non-stop, so nothing is certain for this Japanese contestant.

9. Shen Xiaoting

Voted the most beautiful contestant on Girls Planet 999, many viewers were certain that Shen Xiaoting of C-group would be the final center. Nevertheless, it’s a well-known fact among fans that Mnet will not likely let a foreign trainee debut as the center of a K-pop group. Besides, Shen Xiaoting’s surprising drop from 1st to 16th place has also made many fans worry for her final result in the last episode. 

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